A kind old gentleman decided to give 12 sweets to each of the girls in his town and 8 sweets to each of the boys. Of the 612 children in his town, only half the girls and three quarters of the boys were allowed to take the sweets. How many sweets did the kind old gentleman have to buy?

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3,672 Sweets


rajugrandhi said...

Let G,B d no of gals n boys respectively.
so G+B=612
out of them only G/2 gals and 3B/4 boys are allowed to take d sweets.
Each gal gets 12 sweets.
Each boy gets 8 sweets
So total sweets required are
So old gentleman have to buy 3672 sweets

Anonymous said...

ya great answer by rajesh who helped raju

Dharmendra said...

Total Children = 612
let no of girls = X
so no of Boys = 612 - X

as half of girls and 3 quarter of boys got sweets

so total sweets
[{(1/2)X * 12} + {(3/4)(612-x)} ]
= 6X + 3672 - 6X
= 3672.

Rajugandhi ur answer seems simple agai i have followed school steps.

Anonymous said...

i got 3732. i dont know algebra, but if you pick any number of b and g, its 3732.

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