Last Saturday Milan went for the late night show and came late. In the morning family members asked him which movie did he see. He gave different answers to everyone.
  • He told to his father that he had gone to see MONEY.
  • According to his mom, he saw either JOHNY or BABLU.
  • His elder brother came to know that he saw BHABI.
  • To his sister, he told ROBOT.
  • And his grandpa heard that he saw BUNNY.
Thus, Milan gave six movie names, all five letter words. But he saw some other movie with five letter word. Moreover, each of the six movie names mentioned above has exactly two letters common with the movie he saw. (with the same positions)

Can you tell which movie did Milan see?

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Milan saw BOBBY.

The six movie names are - MONEY, JOHNY, BABLU, BHABI, ROBOT and BUNNY.

Compare MONEY and JOHNY. They have O common at the second place and Y common at the fifth place. Also, they can't have two different letters each, common with the required movie as the letters in remaining three places are all different. Thus, the required movie must have either O at the second place or Y at the fifth place or both.

Similarly, comparing JOHNY and BUNNY - the required movie must have either N at the fourth place or Y at the fifth place or both. Also, comparing MONEY and BUNNY - the required movie must have either N at the third place or Y at the fifth place or both.

From the above 3 deduction, either Y is at fifth place or O is at the second place and N is at the third & fourth place. The later combination is not possible as BABLU, BHABI & ROBOT will need at least 3 other letters which makes the required movie 6 letter long. Hence, the required movie must have Y at the fifth place.

Now Y is not there in BABLU and BHABI at the fifth place and they have only B common at the first place. Hence, B must be the first letter.

As B is at the first place and Y is at the fifth place and every movie has exactly 2 letters common with the required movie. From BUNNY, the required movie do not have U at the second place and N at the third and fourth place. Now looking at JOHNY and MONEY, they must have O common at the second place.

Using the same kind of arguments for BABLU, BHABI and ROBOT, we can conclude that Milan saw BOBBY.


Dharmendra said...


Satish said...

It is just picking the common letters of particular position among given words...

Jayant said...


Thanks Satish for writing the question in such a non-verbose style :)), how about telling us which are the common ones? Even "N" is common in two of them :) (though this question was a bit tooo easy , BOBBY was what I thought of as soon as I wrote down the 5 names)...

Anonymous said...

seconded...wz 2 easy....

Suren said...

More methodical approach:
Let's write down possible letters for each position of the word:

(M/J/B3/R) (O3/A/H/U) (N2/H/B2/A) (E/N2/L/B/O) (Y3/U/I/T)

Note that some choices are given "points", for example B3 means if B is in this position, 3 original words will have the same letter in this position.

From the fact that 6 words have exactly 2 positions in common with the final word we infer that the final word should have 12 points (2*6). To get 12 points we have to use B in the first position, O in the second position and Y in the third position.
Note also that none of the positions may not use a completely different letter that is not contained in any of the 6 words because in that case the corresponding column would have 0 points and if any column gives us 0 points there is no way to get total of 12 points.

So we narrow down our search to:

BO _ _ Y

Note that now to get 12 we have to use N/B in position 3 and E/L/B/O in position 4 or N in position 4 and H/A in position 3:

BO (N/B) (E/L/B/O) Y
BO (H/A) N Y

BON _ Y and BO _ NY are eliminated because in that case BUNNY would have 3 letters in common with the word in question. So the only remaining case is BOB(E/L/B/O)Y.
If we compare this word with all 6 words only BHABI will have one letter in common with BOB_Y, therefore letter 4 should be the same as letter 4 in BHABI, which gives us the answer BOBBY.