Find Next Number


Find next number in the series...

1/1...3/2 ...7/5...17/12...41/29...?

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Next number in the series is 99/70

The successive term for a/b is formed as (a + 2b) / (a + b).


Anonymous said...

ans is 99/70

pg... said...


next number = prev.denominator*2+prev.numerator/
3/2 = 1*2+1/1+1
7/5 = 2*2+3/3+2
41/29= 12*2+17/17+29
next number is 29*2+41/29+41 = 99/70

incorrigiblix said...

99/70 is the rite one...

Trupti said...

99/70 is the right one

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Rik said...

1/1...3/2 ...7/5...17/12...41/29.
Another solution = 41/60
the number to the right of the / is the sum of the previous 2 parts
1+1 =2
3+2 =5
7+5 =12
17+12 =29
then 41+29 =60
the number to the left of the / is the new right-hand number plus the previous right-hand number
1+2 =3
2*5 =7
5+12 =17
then 12+29 =41

Amaze 'n' Place

Rik said...

Sorry, an error in my last email
29+41 = 70 not 60

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