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Yesterday in a party, I asked Mr. Shah his birthday. With a mischievous glint in his eyes he replied. "The day before yesterday I was 83 years old and next year I will be 86." Can you figure out what is the Date of Birth of Mr. Shah? Assume that the current year is 2000.

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Mr. Shah's date of birth is 31 December, 1915

Today is 1 January, 2000. The day before yesterday was 30 December, 1999 and Mr. Shah was 83 on that day. Today i.e. 1 January, 2000 - he is 84. On 31 December 2000, he will be 85 and next year i.e. 31 December, 2001 - he will be 86. Hence, the date of birth is 31 December, 1915. Many people do think of Leap year and date of birth as 29th February as 2000 is the Leap year and there is difference of 3 years in Mr. Shah's age. But that is not the answer.


Robert said...

His birthday is 31 of December. They are in 01/Jan/2000, two days ago was 30/Dec/1999 which he was 83and than he turned 84 on the 31/Dec/1999. He is going to turn 85 on the current year(31/Dec/2000), so he will be 86 next year(31/Dec/2001).

Anonymous said...

Yes, I m agree with Robert. Mr. Shah's DOB is 31st Dec.

akki said...

His b"day on 31st December.
Today 1st jan 2000.
Day before yesterday was 30 th dec 1999 and he was 83 , yesterday he turned to 84.
on dec 2000 he is going to turn 85.
and after 1 year on 31st dec 2001 he will be 86.
so the date of birth should be 31 Dec 1915.

Mohamed said...

I am bit confused! as it starts with YESTERDAY IN A PARTY. Yesteday if he has said "Day before yesterday", assuming today is 1st Jan, it's 29/12...
Can anyone explain this?

If the "YESTERDAY IN A PARTY" part was not there, I can agree the answer as 30th December.

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Anonymous said...



indianp said...

its 29/2/1917

Assume his B'day is on 29th 2000 said...

its 29/2/1917

Assume his B'day is on 29th 2000 said...

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Rajkumar Mali said...

his birthday is on 31st dec but todays date is 2nd jan because in the initial of question it was told that yesterday in the party which means party is on 1st jan ....the man on 1st jan said that day before yesterday which mean 30th dec i was 83....on 31st dec i was 84 and in 2000 i was 85 and in next year i became 86......thats it

Anonymous said...

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emptee said...

How did you assume that next year is 31 Dec 2001 and not 1 Jan 2001.
He is in party at 1 Jan 2000 and when he says next year, it should mean 1 jan 2001.

Which means he is still 85.

Anonymous said...

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