24 August 2007


There are five competitor A, B, C, D, and E and they enter a running race that awards gold, silver, and bronze medals. Each of the following compound statements about the race is false, although one of the two clauses in each may be true.

  • A didn't win the gold, and B didn't win the silver.
  • D didn't win the silver, and E didn't win the bronze.
  • C won a medal, and D didn't.
  • A won a medal, and C didn't.
  • D and E both won medals.

Who won each of the medals?

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A won the Gold medal.
D won the Silver medal.
C won the Bronze medal.

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madhur said...

A won Gold
D won silver
C won Bronze

Naresh said...

A gold ,
D silver,
C bronze

abhishek said...

According to 3rdstatement:both c an d won the medal or both don't won't.
case1:let c and d both don't won the medal
then a,b and c won the medal
but then statement 4th never becomes reject this case.
case2:we are left with c and d won the medal and according to the statements:
A won the gold
D won the silver
C won the bronze.

Anonymous said...

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banhi said...

A got gold
D got silver
C got bronze