05 August 2007


The investigator asked Jaclyn about her children. Jaclyn said "I have 3 daughters, Alice, Betty, and Cindy. The product of their ages is 36. The sum of their ages is the same as the street number of our next door neighbor."

The investigator went next door and came back and said: "Still not enough information". Jaclyn said: "Oh, I forgot to tell you that my oldest daughter is now in school".

The investigator found out the ages of her daughters immediately. Do you know their ages?

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The possiblities are that makes the product 36 are
a) 1, 4 ,9, Sum=14
b) 1, 2, 18, Sum=21
c) 1, 1, 36,Sum=38
d) 1, 6, 6,Sum=13
e) 2, 2, 9,Sum=13
f) 2, 3, 6, Sum=11
g) 3, 3, 4, Sum=10

The investigator could not get the answer even after checking the street number of next door neighbor. This gives us the clue that there are more than one case where the sum of their ages is the street number of next door neighbor. From above possibilities, only sum 13 has two cases. The case 2, 2, 9 will be more likely the case because the oldest daughter(age 9) goes to school.


lucky said...

it will b 3,3,4

is it chaged said...

is it 6,3,2

santanu said...


santanu said...

the cause is
if u form the groups whose multiplication gives 36 u will find 2 groups (6,6,1) and(9,2,2) whose sum are same so the ans is must beetween this two groups from the 3rd information it is (9,2,2).

preethi said...

what is the use of next door number?

Karn said...

@preethi....the use of the next door no. is dat there can be only cases...for such an answer....and so i also agree wid santanu...
the answer is 9,2,2

Dinesh said...

The question should have been written like this
"ONLY my eldest daughter is now in school." Considering the present one, even the second one could be in school, but she has gone on a vacation!