Clock in the Mirror


Today, in the morning, while going to college, I looked at the clock in the mirror. The clock has no number indication and I made a mistake in interpreting the time (mirror-image). Assuming that the clock must be out of order, I went to college, where I arrive after twenty minutes. At that moment the clock at college shows a time that is two and a half hours later than the time that I saw on the clock (mirror-image) at home. At what time did I reach college?

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I reached college at twenty-five minutes past seven.

The difference between the real time and the time of the mirror image is two hours and ten minutes (two and a half hours, minus the twenty minutes to reach college). Therefore, the original time on the clock at home that morning could only have been five minutes past seven (4:55 in the mirror). I reaches college at five minutes past seven plus twenty minutes, which is twenty-five minutes past seven!...


BAADSHAH said...

he reached school at 7:55

Amber said...'s 7:25

shiba said...


Anonymous said...

It can also be 1:55pm right

Tc - Tmh = 150 mins
Th + 20 mins = Tc

Th - Tmh = 130 mins

Take Tmh is 11:25 am
Then Th is 1:35 pm
so Tc is 1:55pm

Vishal said...

Answer could also be 1:25. How? Ans-> At home he sees 10:55 whose mirror is 1:05. After 20 minutes the time is 1:25 which is exactly 2 hours 30 minutes more than 10:55 which he saw at home.