5 Digit Number


There is a 5 digit number. With a 1 after it, it is three times as large as it would be with a one before it. What is the 5 digit number?

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The 5 digit number is: 42857

The number with a one after it is 10x + 1. With a 1 before it, it is 100,000 + x. Then 10x +1 = 3(100,000 + x), and x = 42,857. Therefor the 5 digit number is: 42857


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shiba said...

let x is a no.
1 added after x= 3 times 1 added before x.

Puzzle Machine said...

Let x is the number
10x+1 = 3(x+10^5)
Means x = 42857

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