A Barrel


There is a barrel with no lid and some wine in it.
"This barrel of wine is more than half full," said Kiran.
"No it's not," says Rahul. "It's less than half full."

Without any measuring implements and without removing any wine from the barrel, how can they easily determine who is correct?

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Tilt the barrel until the wine barely touches the lip of the barrel. If the bottom of the barrel is visible then it is less than half full.If the barrel bottom is still completly coverd by the wine, then it is more than half full.


Anonymous said...

Take another barrel and fill it with wine upto the same level as in the given pour wine from this barrel to the given barrel.
if the barrel is not filled completely then rahul is correct
else if the wine overflows then kiran is correct
else if the barrel is completely filled then both are wrong

sunil said...

I completely agree with Rajesh

SIMPLE said...

I disagree..Since ├Âne of conditions is "Without removing any wine from barrel". In rajesh's answer this condition is violating

rajuy4cs209 said...
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Anonymous said...

i am not pouring wine from the given barrel but i am pouring from second barrel.


Nitin said...

just tilt the barrel such that the wine touches the top at one end, if you can see the bottom of the barrel on the other side it is less than half full else it is more than half full

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